How this website works


SpinAuctions Music Collectibles operates online only (mail order), and is based in East Gosford, New South Wales, Australia.

All music related items listed on SpinAuctions Music Collectibles come from my own private collection.
I've been an avid collector for most of my life, and the collection became quite large by not being limited to any particular artist, genre, region or era. You'll find both popular top 40 material alongside a large range of rarities and obscure items. There's 78 rpm gramophone records going back to the early years of the twentieth century, compact discs and vinyl for just about everything inbetween, as well as vintage magazines and music related memorabilia.

Basically I'm opening up my collection for music fans and other collectors to look through, and if you find something you've been looking for, you can make an offer for it. Each offer will be assessed individually, and if an initial offer is declined, further offers can be submitted at any time, until the item is sold. Basically, if an offer makes it worth my while to part with an item, the item will be sold.

How does it work ?

Every visitor to this website can view the collection, but only registered users to the site can submit offers online. User registration is free, and there's never any obligation to buy. Registration is preferred to more easily keep track of order details. If for some reason you don't want to register an account, you can also submit offers by emailing the details to

Each item has a "make an offer" option. The amount of each offer submitted is kept private and not displayed on the site, except in the "Offers / Orders" area of the registered user's account. Details of each offer will only be listed in this area once a decision has been made on that offer. You will also receive an email for each offer you have made. This is your record of the offer prior to a decision being made.

When an offer is received, a decision will be made usually within 24 hours. If the offer is accepted, the item will be moved to an order status with a shipping quote attached. These will be displayed under the "Offers / Orders" area of the registered user's account. Where offers for more than one item have been accepted, these will be combined into one order for combined shipping. Declined offers are also shown under "Offers / Orders". Both accepted and declined offers will also be notified by email.

I don't do package or bulk deals, job lots etc.


Payments may be made using the following methods:

* PayPal
* Bank Account Direct Deposit
* Western Union Money Transfer


The choice of postage rates will often depend on the payment method used.
As a rough guide, when sending up to 4 x 7" singles...

WIthin Australia:
Payment methods: Bank Account Direct Deposit or PayPal Friends & Family
Postage option: "Large Letter", records enclosed in 4 cardboard sheets - $3.00
Postage option: Boxed parcel, with tracking - $7.95

Payment method: PayPal Friends & Family
Postage option: "Large Letter", records enclosed in padded bag, cardboard - $9.00
Postage option: Boxed parcel, no tracking - price varies dependant on destination

Payment method: PayPal Goods & Services
ONLY postage option: Boxed parcel, with tracking - price varies dependant on destination
(All items paid by PayPal Goods & Services MUST be sent with tracking)

Precise postage rates will be quoted in orders.

For your security, no customer financial details will be requested or recorded by this website. Nor will you ever receive emails requesting such details.